A Gardener’s Heart – Meet Kavir Mootoo

Welcome to ‘A Gardener’s Heart: The Divine Play of Kavir Mootoo’ where I attempt to honour all 3 when I create Paintings to wear (clothing and jewellery) as well as for your living spaces.

I’m inspired by the wonder of nature, the state of the planet as we face climate change, identity, social inequalities, freedom (including my own – to be me and to express my own creativity) and by making art more accessible to as many people as possible.

I create my wearable art on Organic Cotton, Bamboo or Hemp T-shirts and Tank Tops that are made by unionised workers in the US. I believe we cannot be truly ‘well-dressed’ if the clothes we wear did not treat the planet well in its manufacture and if the people who made them weren’t also treated well. 

I also paint either on people’s own clothes or on previously-owned clothing in a line called ‘New Clothes from Ole’ Clothes’ in which new looks are created with my art. This can done over time creating many new looks. This is an awesome way to save the planet and money. This is a new project which I’m particularly excited about!

And…..I create paintings for living spaces and smaller ones that can be worn.

I believe strongly that everyone should have access to nice things – to beauty – and so I’ve reduced my prices by 20% to help make this possible (prices shown are the reduced prices). Payment plans are available – please don’t hesitate to ask.

I hope you enjoy my work! Stay safe! Look out for your brothers and sisters and let’s share in LIFE’S BEAUTY!!!!

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