Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will I have my own store/page? Can I customize it?

A. ShopCaribe provides a separate mini store for each vendor.  Vendors get a custom URL (www.shopcaribe.com/store/your-storename) and the ability to customize their storefront with banners, logo, product photos and store information. 

Q. Can I offer customers discounts for my products?

A. The platform has the flexibility to allow vendors to offer coupons and set sale prices or discounts on different products. 

Q. Can I collect payments through the site?

A. www.showcaribe.com comes with a credit card payment option powered by First Atlantic Commerce that allows customers to pay using their credit card.  Once the item is shipped and delivered to the customer, payment is remitted to your bank account via Automatic Clearing House (ACH) or wire transfer.   

Q. How much does it cost to be on www.shopcaribe.com?

A. There is a one-time set-up of US$55 or TT$350 as well as a 20% Commission on sales to cover overhead platform costs, marketing and transaction fees.

Q. Can we advertise on the platform?

A. Yes. There will be opportunities for vendors to give their stores a boost by special advertising and features in outreach advertising campaigns. 

Q. How is Shipping handled? 

A. www.shopcaribe.com has arranged International and regional shipping through DHL.  A local courier service will be used to deliver products to customers in your own country. 

Q. Is the Shipping cost part of the product price?

A. Shipping costs are dependent on the destination and the volumetric weight of the item. The system can calculate shipping costs and this is shown to the customer as a separate line item as part of the final order total.

Q. Can customers access it from their mobile devices?

A. www.shopcaribe.com has mobile ready flexibility so that customers can browse and make purchases while on the go, regardless of what device they are on. We use responsive design to ensure a consistent shopping experience for all users. Because speed matters even more on mobile data connections, robust testing is done to ensure page load times are fast, images are optimized and easy to access information is never out of reach.


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