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Hi I am Gafra, Artist, Blogger, Coach, Mother and more!

For me, beauty does not exist on its own but is rather created by the observer. 

This is a lesson every artist comes to learn with respect to their work during their career. Although I do enjoy the artistic process that all of my work entails, recently, my pieces have been a lot more fun to create. 

The enjoyment and lighthearted fun comes from the freedom to create without the fear of making a mistake. I create what I want, how I want, whenever I want to.

This form of art is, at its core, the very pinnacle of self expression and part of the reason why it resonates with me in a very personal and transformative way.

Art aims to create but through creation you may face some challenges, but you face this by jumping in, and simply make your mistakes.

All of my pieces are tremendously meaningful to me, each playing a role in making me the artist I am today. Every piece has a challenge, lesson, meaning and beauty attached to it making them all very near and dear to my heart and wanting to share that piece of me to the world.

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