Do you LOVE Birds & Butterflies?

Fluttering around, dancing in the sunshine. So many colours glittering off the wings of birds and butterflies, they light up any space, they calm your worries and bring peace to any space.

Shouldn’t you have them in your kitchen, on your sofa, on your ears, your handbag, or even on you face? Certainly, not the live ones, but some of the most beautiful re-productions you have ever seen. Visit for the widest collection of birds and butterflies in the Caribbean.

Chris Anderson Copper and Brass Jewelry
Studio made · Only by hand · Since 1986.
@Home in comfort with hummingbirds to keep you company.
KAT Designz – beautiful butterfly
The cutest little birds
Keith Swanston - Bird at Rest
Keith Swanston – Bird at Rest
Chris Anderson Copper & Brass Jewelry
Chris Anderson Jewellery – Studio made · Only by hand · Since 1986.
KAT Designz – user friendly home items
Inspired body oils

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