Stay Safe and Fashionable: 6 Stylish Masks to protect yourself and others

Some experts say that the Covid 19 Virus may be with us for a long time. So, as we experience the “New Normal”, its important that we protect ourselves and those around us.

But who says we can’t be safe and fashionable? Of course you can, with stylish masks made right here in the Caribbean that have been designed to keep you safe, secure and fashionable.

Mask? Check! Hand Sanitizer? Check! Stay extra safe with this branded mask and sanitizer kit.

Why stop at just masks? Be extra fashionable with matching masks and head wraps.

Stay safe with numerous styles to match your outfit or mood.

Sometimes wearing a mask can be a real pain – literally. Have a mask that hurts your ears? Ouch! Get relief for your ears with the these soft ear savers

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